Air Cooled Rooftop

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Quality you can depend on.
Quality is ensured & qualified by specific testing method as following :

  • 100% coil leak test by helium testing method.
  • Copper tubes were tested at burst pressure, where it is at least 3 times the refrigerant operating pressure.
  • Every components being used in our rooftop are tested, at factory test lab.
  • Every unit receives a 100% unit run test before leaving the production line to make sure it lives up to McQuay requirement

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Cabinet & Base Construction
  • Rooftop is equiped with a solid base foundation and compact cabinet. The weatherproofed electro galvanized mild steel casing is coated with an epoxy polyesterpowder costing for protection against corrosin.

  • Expansion Device :Optimized capillary tube is used for better perfomance. However, thermal expansions valves spec can be specified in any project requirement.
  • Compressor:Each high efficiency scrool type compressor is hermitically sealed, quiet running and supported on rubber mount to minimize vibration.
  • Indoor Fan :A dynamically balanced forward curved fan with a field changeable pulley package, in order to match the designed supply air requirements.
  • Outdoor Fan :IP54 rated condensor fan is being used.

Safety Features
  • High pressure and loss of refrigerant prorection.
  • Compressor & motor current overload protection.
  • Sensor fault indication.
  • Minimum compressor's running time to ensure oil return.
  • Phase sequenser is used to detect for any wrong phase and phase loss during installation and operation.