We abide by following while providing our services
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o    We won't overstate the nature or extent of problems found to exist, nor invent problems that aren't present. In short, we will be honest and open in all our dealings with you.

o    Our support team is available 24 hours a day, and is committed towards providing an exceptional customer support experience.

o    We will treat you with due respect and, through our dealings, anticipate to receive the same in return.

o    We will inform you if we are unable to respond to a work-scope or time-scale with appropriate reasons. We won't commit any job that we aren't competent enough to carry.

o    We will make sure that the personnel dealing with you have the appropriate level of experience, skills and training and are capable of responding to your requirements. Our competency assurance system will always keep a track of this.

o    We will aspire to provide a quality, value added and competitive service. However, if incase you are disappointed due to some reasons, we will take apt action to resolve the cause of your dissatisfaction and make sure that it won't happen again.

o    Above all we recognize and value your custom and are committed to establish and maintain a long-standing successful relationship.

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